Getting ready for 2019

By December 30, 2018GoodSpot

2018 Has been an amazing year and now we are ready for the next year.

Reaching out to more Nonprofits, Artists and Businesses to grow our platform.

We believe in social entrepreneurship and have specialized in Nonprofit fundraising with every product and service that we provide.

In 2019 we are launching: – The Good Art Store. An E-commerce website that provides high quality designs on canvas for your home, building, business, gym, office, etc. We are going to have many collections and will be able to create custom designs for big orders at the best price, sustainable and donating a percentage with every purchase.

Art Events – A pop-up event platform for nonprofits that brings art to any event. By bringing our partners together we will be able to be the link between nonprofits, artists and venues in South Florida. – Partnering with Wishing Spiral, we have been able to bring their coin boxes (the best selling nonprofit fundraising boxes in Europe) to the US. Starting with Red and Purple.


Thanks to everybody that helped us and worked with us during 2018. May 2019 be amazing for everybody 🙂

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