Nonprofit Fundraising Events

We take care of Location, Art and Design. Everything.
Awesome events for much more than fundraising.
Social media and Donor Awareness.

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Fundraising in the most artful and beautiful way

FUNDRAISING ART: A beautiful way of raising awareness for your nonprofit and cause while selling and auctioning art. GoodSpot takes care of venue, art and design so that you, the nonprofit, can focus on spreading your message.

Pop Up Art Events: GoodSpot has partnered with hotels and other venues for pop-up events filled with art. Promoting your cause is the main objective while exhibiting our artists work and fundraising.

An exceptionally beautiful fundraising initiative.

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The Event

Our Pop up events are design to promote your cause while selling a selection of artworks that you and your guests will love.

Art & Design

We partner with the right Graphic Designers and Artists for every event. Promoting your nonprofit with the right pieces is our passion.


We’ve partnered with many locations for our pop-up events but can also adapt and bring art to your venue and event.

Doing good

We love what you do, we build this art pop-up events for you. Want to know more? Get in touch.

Feel like creating a beautiful pop-up event with us?